Grace, Divine Protection

The following story is the personal account of from an experience Pastor Rob Morgan had. It is a good illustration of the protection we enjoy in Christ.

“Several years ago, I was walking down a sidewalk in East Nashville, making a pastoral visit. Suddenly I saw a German shepherd flying across a lawn, barking, snarling, teeth bared, mouth frothing. I was so startled that as it lunged at me, I screamed and jumped backward. But between me and my would-be attacker, there was a chain-link fence. The dog struck the fence full force. My heart was racing, but I was utterly safe because of the protective fence.

Satan can growl and bark, lunge and threaten. But when we’re enclosed by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, he can do us no real or lasting harm.”

Courtesy: Pastor Rob Morgan in his book, The Red Sea Rules.

Thanks and best regards,

IAT Boluwatise