Defeat Your Past By facing The Future 2

And remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt, and the Lord your God broought you out from there by a mighty hand and by an outstreched arm …. Deut 5:15

Bible Reading: Ex 14:1-31

If you truly recognize the Lord and maintain a walk with him, you will admit that every past you exit, like Israel coming out of Egypt, is the work of His grace. Ex 12:40-41, 50-51.

You will so admit, especially when that past has exercised a strong hold on you; you will, when your struggles and efforts met with a brickwall that plunges you into a state of despondency, low spirit, or dejection as a result of loss of hope; you will, because when it seemed all hope was gone, heaven felt your pulse and responded to your cry; worked out some clear intervention to effect your release or exit.

You will admit it was grace because it wasn’t ordinary. What happened can only be the expression of the almightiness of God. The storm ceased, the wind subsided, everything was calm and the only dynamics was your exit.

The predator that said you will neither get out of the rut nor move forward had gone quiet. This was the doing of the Lord, marvelous in your sight.

You can defeat the past practically when you celebrate the grace of God which delivered you from it, if not, you will dwell on the troubles than on the victory, making yourself susceptible to the troubles from the past.

Never, ever, forget His benefits.

You need the memories of the working of His grace from the past to to face the future successful.



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