Defeat Your Past By facing The Future 3

Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! Psa 46:10

Bible Reading: Ex 14:1-31


The Lord just instructed the people to camp at Pi Hahiroth. a camp is a place of temporary accommodation typically used by traveling people. When you are in transit, you will dwell in camps. Each camp represents the completion of a stretch in your journey, while every breaking of the camp indicates another phase or move of God in your life’s journey.

Could God be asking you to camp now?

Camping sure has its advantages: it is for rest; for contemplative worship and for guidance. Before God would ask the Israelites to camp, He knew what was likely. Pharaoh had released the people but he was still thinking about them, Ex 14:5.

It is difficult for the predator to let go, for your bondage is a gratification to his oppressive enterprise. Everyone in bondage renders services to the predator. The past that you have escaped will still attempt to come up after you, especially when there is still a connection to it within your mind.

How do we know that there was still a connection between Israel and Egypt? Just listen to what they said when the past came up on their heels (Ex 14:10-12): They were afraid; they would have preferred to die in Egypt; they would have preferred to be left alone in Egypt; they would have preferred to serve the Egyptians.

The past will rage, but there is a way to handle it. Look within you today. Do a sincere check. You may need to take time out for a practical purging routine to rid yourself of the preoccupation with the past through prayer; meditation on the word/promise and a contemplation about the destination ahead.



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