Not Your Burial, It’s Your Baptism 4

“You will go through it and come out, no matter how overwhelming it might be”

Bible Reading: Exo 14:15-23


The word baptism literally means to be immersed or submerged as under water. It is also figuratively used to describe the process of being immersed and submerged into calamities and affliction which overwhelms.

It is used in the Bible for the water baptism that new converts experience after they must have turned to the Lord in faith and away from their past lives. It is being immersed for a change or a new status. Being dipped into the water during baptism is more than a swim, it is an experience you come out of to signify a new status.

In 1 cor 10:1-2, the word is used to described the children of Israel in respect of the Red Sea, the cloud and Moses.

They were baptised in the wilderness into Moses through the Red Sea because he was the leader of the people then, just as christ is our leader spiritually in the New Testament, Acts 19:3.

They were also baptised into the cloud because it was an experience they were immersed or submerged into as part of the process of training for the needed change on the way to Canaan. The cloud was the evidence of the glory (shekinah) in the wilderness. It wasn’t the usual cloud, yet it was a visible phenomenon that served for a spiritual covering and guidance for the people.

The experience at the Red Sea particularly was a tribulation, a trying one for the people. They thought it will be their cemetery, but God saw it as their baptism.

Whatever you are going through today will not constitute your burial; it will serve as your baptism.

You will go through it and come out, no matter how overwhelming it might be; even if it is the valley of shadow of death, you need to fear no evil; it will serve to encourage your trust in God, who is with you, as you journey through your wilderness.



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