Put Your Life in Order with God’s Word 5

He made known His ways to Moses, His acts to the children of Israel. Ps 103:7

Bible Reading: Ex 15:22-27; Phil 4:6


When the people mounted pressure by complaining, Moses cried to the Lord. 

To cry means to call out in distress or in need of help. This certainly is a better option that complaining. You have the invite to call upon the Lord. Ps 50:15; Jer 33:3; When you cry unto the Lord, He hears, Ps 3:4; 22:5; 30:2; 99:6; 91:15. The word cry is used for the expression of prayer, Ps 88:13; 107:6,13,19; Phil 4:6.
It is good to cry to the Lord because He is our refuge and our portion in the land of the living. When you think there is nothing, remember that you have the Lord.

When Moses called out, the Lord answered. The Lord responded, not with a performance, but with a direction, an instruction, a revelation of a way out of the distress. The wisdom of God looks very stupid to an average person, whereas the effect it produces is unimaginable. 1Cor 1:18; 2Ki 2:21; 4:41

Moses saw the tree, and cast it into the waters and they were made sweet.
Learn to pray in terms of what to do than for what God should do because the solution is always there before the problem is discovered. 

This should encourage your heart to seek the ways of God than His acts.

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