The Transition of the Just into His Zenith

Still on Pro. 4:18

Every path has its destination. None should be surprised at the end of the day.

There is the path not right with God, which also has no business with the right destination.

Everyone needs to know that the rightness of the just includes the rightness of his path.

It is the man, right with God (relationship) who is also on the right path as taught or prescribed by God (existence) that will use the blessing of shinning like the sun to get to the zenith of God’s plan for his life.

The father (relationship) who sent me is with me: the Father has not left me alone; for I do always those things that please Him (existence) – Jesus Christ (Jn 9:28).

The emphasis in the text is the right journey by the right person.

Someone right with God can not find useful a wrong path. That is either foolishness or presumption.

The prosperity of the wrong path is fleeting. David described it as being set in slippery places. The end of it cannot be the zenith defined by God.

When the path of a man pleases the Lord, He causes the path to shine like the sun that aims for its midday zenith.

HGR 1.2