No longer will there be any curse. The throne of God and of the lamb will be in the city, and his servants will serve him. 

– Rev. 22:3

Christ has … redeemed us from curses, room should therefore be given no more to curses.

On Sunday 25th October, Pastor continued with the challenge to everyone to go headlong for his or her purpose by not being ignorant of one of the tools the devil uses to destroy. Christ, he said, has come to give life in its fullest. While God uses blessings to advance you, the devil uses curse to devastate.

Taking cue from the week before, he emphasised that both blessings and curses are channels of supernatural power; that travel on the wings of words and believers should not be ignorant of this.

With reference to Pro. 26:2, he pointed out that curse has its cause and there are no accidents about it. Its presence on earth began with the fall of man and it was to limit man from fully realising the blessings that began his existence. He said believers should not overlook negative happenings in their lives. Every time such is identified, he said, God’s word should be used to uproot them.

The causes of curse include: practice of wickedness; deceitful dealings; inflicting pain on the helpless, on God’s servants that watches over us and on our spouses (wives); dishonour for God and self-will; dishonour for the good and carefree violation of God’s laws.

God’s laws, he said are tools for blessings. Everyone, he said has a choice between life and death, curses and blessings. You can choose the ways (words) of God which are catalysts for blessings. You can refuse and refute curses that you possibly have given room to intentionally, unintentionally and carelessly.

Christ has come to redeem us from curses, therefore room should be given no more to curses.

He pointed to the key to understanding the New Testament in Jn. 4:24. Our present life as believers is a life that is coming and that now is. we can enjoy now the FORETASTE of the kingdom life as it will be in the future (Rev.21;1-4, 22:1-3).

God is dwelling with us as the redeemed. We can therefore stand on the provision of Jesus’ work at Calvary to constantly combat every attempt of the enemy which continues for now in terms of sorrow, weeping, curses etc. These will persist when one fails to use the provision . When curses are removed from people’s lives they serve God better (Rev. 22:3, Luke 1:73-75).

With the words of God in our mouth we can refute every attempt of the devil, even those through the people he uses, to sow wrong words into our lives. It is time to be awake, he insisted, as the enemy sow tares among the wheat when men are asleep.

He took time in rounding up as we got ready for the Lords table to proclaim blessings on certain areas where the devil is diabolically messing with people. The blessings were sealed with the remembrance of the sacrifice made by the Lord for our salvation.

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