True worship of Christ is more than the arguments or controversy about CH or X.

Language is a mere symbol of expression varying front one people to another. Written words are same.

The decision about spellings are humanly decided, not instructed from Heaven.

Devotion to God is spiritual. It transcends matters of spellings, language and whatnots for Christianity is supra-cultural.

Using shorthand in writing His name does not in any way denigrate His person.

In all my writings, I use capital letters to start all noun and pronouns about Him. That does not mean I am technically right. It is my choice.

If you look very well in the Bible, once the pronoun about Him is in the middle of a sentence, it is written in small letters. That is the rule of the language.

I am not defending myself, for I do not write XMAS, I do CHRISTMAS. I am only dealing with what is spiritually real and unreal

Sociologically, we all have our definitions of what is real. Our definitions might not necessarily be right.

The kingdom of God is more than judgement in this things. You can write all the letters in Caps and still be having a faulty relationship with Him. You can write Christmas and not Xmas and still be wanting in spiritual matters.

Religion has the knack for leaving the essentials and busying itself with what is baseless. It makes no sense in heaven.

The way to please Him is to do His will and obey Him in all things.

Let us pursue things that are clearly spelt out in the scriptures and not secondary mundane issues. There are still many things pertaining to the whole counsel of God that we are yet to fully experience.

One feels free to use this mode and another that mode. Everyone should do these as unto the Lord without judging one another in these matters of mundane opinions.

Let the meaning of Christ’s coming resonate in our hearts this season, so that His will would be done on earth as it is in heaven.