November 29, 2015  Volume 1, Issue 006


Your endowment can only be fully utilized when you lay aside the culture of playing safe

Paul was a notable apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ with a noble Jewish background. He was involved heavily in the persecution of the church until his encounter with Christ on the road to Damascus. During the encounter, he asked to know what the Lord would have him do. In the city of Damascus, he received his salvation, healing and direction. From that point, he lived his life to God’s glory and not to self.

Paul understood life as being poured out as a libation so as to die empty. He was caught in between the choice to die or to live. He chose to live so that more lives can be blessed. Being alive has the implication of being needed by God for something significant. That is why the necessity on everyone is to maximize existence by living to God’s glory beyond self and pleasure. In 2 Tim 4:6, he would know that his end was near because he had poured out the essence of his life to the glory of Christ and to the blessing of others. Your endowment can only be fully utilized when you lay aside the culture of playing safe.

Even while going through the challenge that accompanied his life’s purpose, he believed that it will turn out for his deliverance; that was the same as saying it will work out for good. His life was so dedicated that his being alive was entirely for Christ. For him, beyond the average human inclination, ‘to live is Christ’. By that he was saying that his existence will be to the glory of Christ and to more fruitfulness. This fruitfulness is the blessing that will come on those he was ministering to.

Most people don’t pursue the true reason for their lives. According to Jesus, living for self is common across the nations. Living for self (Matt 6:19-21) is to gratify and indulge self with stuffs; it is being enchanted by earthly things for gratification and indulgence. Basic idolatry manifests, when pleasure is pursued at the expense God. Matt 6:24; Do you think you don’t live for self? Check what you long for most times. Matt 6:25-33.

Lose your life to gain it is a general call to all, a call to live for purpose or for others. When purpose and others are given the second place, self comes into the picture and life becomes compromised. I do not in any way deny the weakness of the flesh and the temptation to gratify it. The truth, however, is that behind that is the devil and not God. Jam 1:13. God, nonetheless, gives grace by helping, Jam 4:8, 10, when a man humbles himself under His mighty arm.

Those who play safe do not amount to anything on earth. Playing safe is tantamount to becoming nothing. The necessity placed upon Paul to preach, compelled him to do so even under fetters. Life will surely present everyone with ugliness, but if dedicated to God, it will end up for good and much more to the blessing of others.

Significance in life is always born out of selfless sacrifice. An average person seeks comfort and pleasure but we are alive, not for self, but for God’s purpose in service to others. For your life to glorify God, it must be broken like an alabaster box, so that the treasure within can be poured out to God’s glory.