Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you, as I said to Moses. Josh 1:3

… your provision is already given before the need for its manifestation confronts you.

Part of the future you have awaited is here in 2016. The year will of course not produce and cannot produce the whole of your future since every purpose has its timing. Some will definitely fall by divine plan into this year. The concern hence is making sure that everything that can and should happen this year come to fruition.

The scripture says there is a bounded land that you shall tread upon and it is that which is given to you. Your land is your assignment and the totality of what God has for you on earth. Within it are the hidden riches of secret places and treasures of darkness (Isa 45:3) that may never see the light unless explored. The appropriation of your land is an assignment and the essence of life is to live as God desires; win the battles of life; and possess everything He has deemed fit for you.

Incidentally, your land is already given! God is giving it to you because he has given (assigned, allocated) it already. If you need a word to take along as you journey through 2016, remember always “Every place that the sole of your feet will tread, I have given you”. This suggests that your provision is already given before the need for its manifestation confronts you. This is a wow promise to start the year with and this word has THREE implications for your new season.

  1. Favour awaits you wherever you go. Favour causes the almightiness of God to come down to your little space to help with challenges bigger than you. There will always be as long as the earth remains, challenges bigger than you. Why people are wearied of life is because of the challenges they face. In the face of such, you don’t need to be intimidated as it is … not by might, nor by power…. Zech. 4:6. There is a provision of grace to help you this year
  2. Open doors await you wherever you go. Open doors say you will not be shut out of what is yours (what God wants to demonstrate in your space). Isa 45:1-2; 2 Sam 5:6-8. Rivers shall not prevent you from crossing over; mountains will not prevent you entering into your large estate; and gates shall not prevent you from possessing your land (Ps. 107:15-16) this year
  3. Victory awaits you wherever you go. Victory is needed because there shall be challenges. Christ himself pointed that out – Matt 6:33; Jn 16:33; and it is His plan for you to walk in victory: 2 Cor. 2:14-15. I need you to know that there is nothing that you face that is beyond His love, and nothing needed that can match His sacrificial death on the cross, Rom. 8:32, 35-37.

Your land is in His plan. Where He has given you is according to His plan previously designed and declared – … as I said to Moses. God will do nothing outside of his plan which is an idea, design, and strategy drawn ahead of time, hence it comes before the manifestation. That there is a plan is seen in the consistency of God’s promise/instruction to you. What is God emphasising to you? The word of God reveals His plans. If you are under divine assignment or instruction, everywhere you go is for you. Every place you tread upon is for your take over this year!

Where you tread upon must be within your God-defined boundary. Your land has its boundary just as He specified that of Israel. The boundary is constituted by limits set by God and they are not to reduce you but for your propriety and protection. Propriety conducts well before the Lord in obedience and conducts well in love and respect for others. It obediently uses instruction and lovingly avoid the violation of others. Protection is every man’s need; your boundary is where you will not be violated unless you break the edge. God will not permit those who are proper in their dealings to be violated at all. He maintains their peace and wholeness within their allotted space.

Every place you tread upon is for your take over this year! The zeal of the Lord (within you) shall perform it in Jesus name.


  • Sola Sorinolu

    Reverend, as usual,that’s an awesome piece. I am highly enriched by it. God bless you sir!