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Only be strong and very courageous, that you may observe to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you…. Joshua 1:7

… the instruction for courage is not because of opposition, but mainly because of provision.

God does not set you up for an assignment, a change or a blessing without giving you a basis. This basis is always found in His word to you. Check it out carefully and you will find out that what we call God’s word is also a promise of what is happening immediately or meant for the future. It is the foundation to build upon (Matt 7:24-27; Isa 28:16) and a promise encouraging and motivating for the future (2 Cor. 1:20; 2 Pet 1:4). The dynamism of God’s word is that it comes to you vividly projecting to you what is already concluded or set you up towards what is already settled.

The Lord has given us a word to guide us and led us to pray with certain promises which are indications of what He has concluded for us from Josh 1. The charge to us is to Arise, go over this Jordan …. It is a charge for you to go for what is yours in spite of barriers that might be on the way. So before you come up with what is on your way, He has, so that no room is given to excuse.

He backed the charge with promises: Jos 1:3-5. 1). Wherever you tread shall be yours. This ‘wherever’ while sounding like anywhere is qualified. GOD’S PROMISE IS ONLY EFFECTIVE WITHIN THE BOUNDS OF GOD’S WILL. Mark 11:23 has been frivolously handled by many as an open cheque. There is the need to know that it is only opened as far as the bounds of His will. You cannot ask for what God has not promised and GOD WHO CAN DO ALL THINGS WILL ONLY DO THE THINGS HE IS WILLING TO DO. Mark 9:23; 10:27; 14:36. Wherever you tread within the defined boundary shall be yours. 2). I will be with you …. The omnipresent God does not have to travel down to where you are when there is need; He is with you. In as much as you are within the bounds of His will, even when trouble comes, Isa 43:1-4; Heb. 13:5-6. His presence will always be with you, Gen 28:15;

The counsel in respect of the charge and the promise is “Be strong and of good courage” (Josh 1:6-8). To be strong is to be firm, urgent, and to put forth the strength you have been endowed with by the almighty. This is necessary if you will hold your ground and withstand the opposition. To be of good courage means to be alert, brave, obstinate, assured and disposed to proving your superiority over what stands against you. The counsel is being given by God because you shall take possession of what God has allotted according to the charge He has given you.

A first look possibly observes that the courage is needed for what you have to take. A closer look shows that THE INSTRUCTION FOR COURAGE IS NOT BECAUSE OF OPPOSITION, BUT MAINLY BECAUSE OF PROVISION. The counsel is to make you to consider and be assured of the word given to you. It takes courage to observe to do according to all that the word commands. This is one of the core area of challenge for Christians. God wants you to know that YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE THE OMNIPOTENT WORD AND STILL BE TIMID IN THE FACE OF YOUR CHALLENGE.

Since there is no sitting on the fence in the military campaign, the only option is to reign victoriously in the midst of your enemy (Pro 110:2). He is asking you to know, verify and be assured of your provisions –  root deeply into your provision – It is a common aberration to cause the stem to shoot upward faster than the rooting downward. Matt 13:5-6. Stubbornness against the word is weakness in your situation. Proper absorption of the word is boldness and victory in your situation. We are called to reign amidst our enemies. Ps 110:1-3

When Zion willingly and courageously arises because of the promises, God will shine through her. Isa 60:1-3.