This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, (Josh 1:8);
For God has magnified His word above all His name (Psa 138:2).

If God exalts His word and gives priority to it over all, you will need to give priority to it in your all.

Our call to God is to a life time of devotion to Him. Devotion to God has to do with love for Him; loyalty to Him; and enthusiasm for Him. The call requires from us much more than mere religious observances and processes as devotion can only be in the real sense to the one you have confidence in or to God in whom you have put your trust. Trust is more than mere knowledge of the word or mental assent to the it; it however in its details uses knowledge and mental assent to move to the practical action of trust in response to the word.

There is no devotion to God without devotion to His word. Faith can only be in God when you are so devoted to Him to find reliable and useful every word from His mouth. Everything about your today, tomorrow, even the possessions you intentionally look forward to possessing all find useful the word of God. Deut 4:1. His word frames your current season – Heb. 11:3; the word frames and decides your tomorrow; the word announces your allotment in life, in terms of the land you are to possess.

Very important is the need to know that God has exalted His word above His name. God’s word is therefore to be honoured and celebrated. Remember that His name is above all as the exaltation of the word above His name is its exaltation above all things. The exaltation of the word above the name is understandable by looking at how: God affirms Himself by the two immutable things by which it was impossible for Him to lie (Heb 6:13-18) – He gave His word and commits Himself to it; He created or determined all things by His word; He maintains all things by the word; He saves by the word, and; He judges all things by the word.

If you have heard and received God’s word, it is your responsibility to celebrate it. To celebrate means to rejoice or to be excited at it. If the word is very important to God, it must be to you also. If God exalts His word and gives priority to it over all, you will need to give priority to it in your all.

You can celebrate the word by:

  1. Having a hunger for it – 1 Pet 2:2-3. The hunger for the word of God is determined by a previous taste of it, as the good word of God, Heb. 6:4 and as the word of life, Jn 6:68-69; Ps 119:97.
  2. Receiving it with joy – Jer 15:6; You will fail to celebrate the word if you did not look for it in the first instance. David rejoiced over the word as one who has found great spoils, Ps 119:162. Spoil is used for things taken by force from a person or place, especially from the battle in bible days. If the word does not come to you as spoil, you may not find your spoil in life.
  3. Declaring what it has done and what it is going to do. If you have received the word you will rehearse and declare it with celebration. You will declare it to yourself, to all yours and to others; you will declare it to the people or the things that confront you; you will declare its superiority over all and consciously subject all things to it; you will declare it confidently and patiently as he that believes shall not be in haste.

God’s word is the wisdom from above. Embrace the word and celebrate it and it shall bring you promotion and honour (Pro 4:7-9); it shall bring to pass in your life the good intention of God for you. Your life is shaped consequent to the honour you give to the living and creative word of God, Ps 116:7; 2 Cor. 4:13. The more the word of life is in your mouth, the more life you shall see around you.

No matter what you face as you journey forward, ensure that you courageously celebrate and declare the word ceaselessly and it shall promote you. God has exalted His word above His name.