This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth …. Josh 1:8

This challenges you to use the word frequently and allow it to tailor your desires for good success.

The beginning of operation on earth for things to be what they should was the expression of the word of God. Gen 1:3. According to the law of first mention, nothing will therefore happen in life without the word. The incubation of the Spirit on the cataclysm of the time produced nothing until the word was released. Since then every operation in human life is enacted by declarations.

Everything God does, from the revelation to the actualisation of His will is by the spoken word. You cannot walk with God without giving cognizance to the place of agreement with Him over his word. Those who had walked with God could, because they did agree with Him in His word. Your agreement with God’s word should be in all of life. This is why, in the text, God wanted His word to be in your mouth at all times.

  1. God’s people are planned to be the people of the word.

He spoke to Israel of the promise he had made to Abraham their forebear and of how Canaan shall be given to them as an inheritance. Eventually with a mighty hand and a strong arm God brought the people out of Egypt. The experience in the wilderness was a 40 years of training for them, not for international politics or relations; not for the art of warfare and amassment of armament; but in the art of skillfulness in the word (Heb. 5:12) – an orientation that is fully experienced and exercised in the word of righteousness.

  1. God sought to accomplish the plan with specific instructions given to His people.

In Deut 6:4-9, God instructed the nation to cultivate a lifestyle of the word – Deut 6:4-9; this culture involves the keeping of the word in their heart; by teaching the word to their children (a strategy for the accomplishment of a generational and a trans-generational culture of being the people of the word); by speaking the word wherever they were and binding the scripts of the word on their arm and on their head as signs, not in the sense of amulets but as signs to remind them of specific parts of Torah to improve their mindfulness of it.

  1. God’s people shall fight their battles with the word.

For this reason, He charged Joshua, and by implication Israel, to be courageous to do according to all that is commanded. God wanted their life be in total conformity to the word. Word is more that the channel of expression in human transaction, it is the means of expression in life transactions – Pro 6:1-2; 2 King 4:23, 26.

  1. The word must be in your mouth at all times.

He instructed Joshua to keep the word in his mouth just like the instruction to Israel in Deut 6:5. He is to speak continually what is in the book. We see that as the practice of Jesus in Matt 4:4ff. If you would accomplish that, the key is to meditate in the word. Meditation is an art that is either lost or not given enough attention again. To meditate is to spend time to have the word speaking back to you as you think deeply about it. This amazing practice has helped us to deal with sicknesses and diseases in the past. You are actually permeating/medicating your system with the word while meditating.

  1. You will win with the word in your mouth

In meditation you muse, speaking the word quietly to yourself; in this you get empowered to do according to all that is written in the word as you speak it to yourself over and over – Matt 12:35-37. This is how to be prosperous. God told Joshua that it is Joshua that will make his own way prosperous to have good success.

You are challenged you to use the word frequently and allow it to tailor your desires for good success. When such word-tailored desires are taken to the Lord in prayer, the spiritual transaction is carried out in faith. Why would you not believe that you have received your request when you are aligned with God’s word? Why would you not come out of the place of prayer to speak courageously to the mountains in-between you and your answers?

Let the word of God be in your mouth courageously and you are on the path to see the will of God coming to pass on earth as it is in heaven.