I feel for you when they call you a young man and you feel so.

They referred to a 42 year old man as a young man and the future in a circle where I was able to make observation. He grinned sheepishly and I feel for him.

If you don’t pick up your life on time, the same mouth will tell you that you are late.

In the progressive circle, productivity is emphasised over age. 

Someone is older than you with two years and is calling you a young man.

I have had working with me those I was 20 years older than. I cannot imagine calling them young. When am I expecting them to grow up.

My heart cries when I see those clearly beyond 20 still thinking they are children.

They will continue to call you young till the grave catches up with you, if you are not careful.

Age is the significant achievement that some have made. Come to think of it, no one was calling them young when they were your age.

I will never berate the aged. Neither do I toy with mine. 

My father got me in his early 40s. With his limited standard school education, he never emphasised “young”. He pushed for maturity. He is above 90 now. The culture hasn’t changed. He sits and discusses with me as if we are old pals.

In the Silicon Valley circle I bet no one talks about the age of the founder of Facebook.

BEWARE before you are helped to waste your age.