Sons of peace will respond positively to the peace that God sends their way through His servants.

Now Joshua the son of Nun sent out two men from Acacia Grove to spy secretly, … So they went, and came to the house of a harlot named Rahab, and lodged there… Then the woman took the two men and hid them…. Josh 2:1,4


The place of those ‘worthy of the peace’ carried by someone on a mission is undeniable, especially in Christian ministry, for none can stand or do it alone.; None has it all mapped out. God has arranged for things to work out in the path of His assignments by furnishing help through the sons of peace. Cases in reference are Matt 10:1-15 and Josh 2:1ff

God has blessings to give out on earth. These blessings are the requirements for life’s journey. For these man looks up to God since he cannot of his own strength accomplish some of them. Matt 7:7. These blessings range from current needs to the future needs. Most of what heaven will do on earth will be commanded on earth, unless they are things that are obviously beyond the system here.

Money will not drop from heaven. Cars are not manufactured in heaven. Houses have not dropped from the heavens. For heaven’s mission to be carried out on earth, the material resources will be commanded on earth – Jn 6:1-12; matt 21:1-3; 26:17-19. The problem is that most people do not know that in divine arrangement one man’s seed is another’s harvest. If there is failure to give out that seed the desired harvest in the future may never come. 2 Cor. 8:9

Sons of peace or those worthy of the peace upon God’s messengers are those whose means will be used to furnish provisions to those who God has sent on specific assignments. Rahab for the spies – Josh 2:1ff; and Lydia for Paul and his team at Philippi – Acts 16:12-15

Sons of peace respond positively to the provision of peace that God sends their way through His servants. Looking at the record concerning Rahab the harlot, there are FOUR ways by which the sons of peace will respond to the provision.

THEY WILL FIND OPPORTUNITIES TO DO SOMETHING UNCOMMON – Josh 2:3-7. A thing uncommon is often what could be easily overlooked, avoided, despised, glossed over. Whereas such things have in them the seed needed for the future. The servants of Jesus were practically unknown; they were however sent to those they did not have any arrangement with. To make the matter worse, they were to take no provision along. Heaven chose this option because they were carriers of peace that someone definitely needed. The reception granted them will make those who receive them to be worthy of the peace they did carry. The emissaries of Israel were mere men made significant by the assignment given them. On their espionage they were secret representative of Israel and by extension, servants of God’s interest. None knew then in Jericho. In fact, being known will be dangerous for them. There was however something with them that will give someone doomed to death and destruction a future. Who will be worthy of that blessing? Don’t think that all that you will attend to will come with a tag on it that will cause everyone to ordinarily know that they are meant for you. Life is by faith and not by sight. The faith of God within you will be the connecting point between certain blessings and you. Wrong discrimination might be dangerous. It is not necessarily the big stuffs that connects with the future, it might be the few loaves of bread and few fishes. It might be the boat of peter on the sea of galilee; it might even be the expensive alabaster box. For RAHAB It was the capacity and the decision to protect those whom God has marked because they were on His mission, a greater mission. When you protect something greater than you, you are tapping into a greater grace or peace; you are making provision for your future in your obedience. (TO BE CONTINUED).