Sons of peace will respond positively and actively to the peace God sends their way.

Now Joshua the son of Nun sent out two men from Acacia Grove to spy secretly, … So they went, and came to the house of a harlot named Rahab, and lodged there… Then the woman took the two men and hid them…. Josh 2:1,4.

From last week, it was pointed out that sons of peace or those worthy of the peace upon God’s messengers (Matt 10:11-15) are those whose means will be used to furnish provisions to those who God has sent on specific assignments. Rahab for the spies – Josh 2:1ff; and Lydia for Paul and his team at Philippi – Acts 16:12-15

Sons of peace will qualify themselves for the peace by their positive responses. Looking at the record concerning Rahab the harlot, there are FOUR ways by which the sons of peace will respond to qualify.

We already considered that THEY WILL FIND OPPORTUNITIES TO DO SOMETHING UNCOMMON – Josh 2:3-7. A thing uncommon is often what could be easily overlooked, avoided, despised, glossed over; which particular hold the seed for the future (details in last week edition).

THEY RECOGNISE AND ATTEND TO THINGS WHICH AROUSE THEIR FAITH: Faith deals with the unseen, not the unknown. Sacrificial commitment is only found where faith is real. What do you believe? Rahab believed in the God of Israel. She heard of what He had done. She knew the land was already given to the Israelites. She therefore protected the spies because she both feared and trusted the God of Israel. The spies were the connectors she needed; she expected their protection. By faith a harlot got into the genealogy of Jesus. Works of faith are in correspondence to the commitment in the heart. Faith is known by works. Jam 2:19. You can look forward to a reward because the works of faith are never in vain.

THEY WILL MAKE PROVISION FOR THE FUTURE NOT JUST WITH WORDS BUT ALSO WITH THEIR OBEDIENCE. Talk is cheap they say. Actions weigh much more – Matt 21:28-32. Your prayers to God will work; your works in obedience will, much more. Obedience to God should be in little things – Jn 2:1ff; they are often likely to be missed. The demand may not come in loud voice; not in quiet voice; maybe in no voice. They obey towards a harvest: when there is an expectation there is seriousness; the commitment is proportional to expectation; where there is no expectation, people cast of restraint – Pro 29:18.

THEY WILL STAY WITHIN THE BOUNDS OF THEIR COMMITMENT: Why do people attempt the uncommon, connect with the future in obedience attend to what they believe and still do not receive. Assumptions have been the bane of many. That you are in God’s care doesn’t mean you should take the risks He has not commanded. The promise of the spies was not all that was required for Rahab to experience peace. She needed to stay within the bounds: make mention of the spies’ mission to no one; stay indoors; mark her windows with the scarlet cord she used to drop the spies off the wall; and keep all her people indoors. If you have expectations for the future as a son of peace who receive those on God’s mission, the bounds will be made known to you. Those who receive the apostles in Jesus’ days on earth were to house them, feed them and if for any reason they showed the apostles the door, the peace carried by the apostles shall return to them. Anything outside the bounds of the commitment will make Rahab’s misfortune to be her own responsibility. Rahab’s blood on her heard

LET YOUR LIFE RESPOND TO GOD’S MERCY: Response to God’s mercy sent your way will cause you to do things consistent with the supply. What you do today is a seed for tomorrow – Rev 22:12. As little foxes spoil the vine, 2 SS 2:11, so do little oversights eat up the future. Today is for adjustments and prayerful decisions and expectations. Trust God to help you to optimise your opportunities; That your faith in God will reflect in your works; That instead of just drifting, you will live with expectation and operate within the bounds of your commitment to God.