Now Joshua the son of Nun sent out two men from Acacia Grove to spy secretly, saying, “Go, view the land, especially Jericho.” So they went, … to search out the country.” Josh 2:1-2

Vision belongs to those who are interested in the future. When there is a desire and a long for things beyond here and now, the Holy Spirit blesses with vision according to the will of God. Vision is very important because the future belongs only to those who see ahead. Nobody has the future without having a vision. Pro 20:19; 1Cor 2:9-10. While receiving a vision is good, it is necessary to get clarity of vision. Everyone needs to have a clearer idea of things, the promises and prospects ahead consequent to the revelations by the Holy Spirit.

If anything shall come to pass in your life, there must be a knowing and a progression on that knowledge continuum until the promises come to pass. A clearer vision does not come unless the desire gets more intense. Clarity of vision causes you to know that the land is already yours. It is good to know of the ultimate future; it is important also to be able to trace your way there. Now that you know where you are going, know to also trace the way from where you are.

‘From where you are’ is the pattern from the beginning. God blessed Adam from where he was. Gen 1:28; Abraham will inherit the land by first seeing it from where he was – Gen 13:14-17; If there is a disconnect between where you are and where you are going, the journey is in trouble. See from where you are. Connect the dots. One of the way to do that is to embark on an espionage mission just the way Abraham journeyed as a sojourner across the land of Canaan.

AN ESPIONAGE MISSION is the act of checking out or spying out covertly the territory you are interested in ahead of time. This spying is done on a territory outside your current or friendly zone. You may be interested to that the territory promised you is outside your friendly zone.

YOU NEED TO SPY THE LAND/PROMISE OUT to familiarise yourself with that territory as your ego is more comfortable here than there. This spiritual exercise will help you to bridge the existing gap. It is the obligation of God the Spirit to grant you the revelation; it is however your own responsibility to own or take possession of the revelation. Deut 29:29

EMBARKING ON AN ESPIONAGE MISSION is both dangerous and advantageous, since it is carried out in a territory outside the comfort zone of your ego. Do you know why most people do not explore ahead their promise and prospects? They do because they are afraid of impossibilities and worry. When you spy out the future you will see the advantages of the enemy; the strength and the fortresses. These are dangerous, resisting and discouraging to you; these are contradictory to the promise. The enemy uses them to attack your head/mind. If he conquers there, there will be failure such as portrayed in Num. 13 and 14.

There are, on the hand, loads of benefits to thinking ahead. You will see the prospects of the promise. These prospects are advantageous to your journey. Look very well and you will see the loopholes and the vulnerabilities/weaknesses of the enemy; look well and you will see the evidences of how possible the promise is.  (to be continued)