Some churches in the US refused to incorporate because they think it is a way to be enslaved to a secular government.

A team of people bear the responsibility for the ‘association’ legally plus they willingly pay their tax on receipts and they are free to have their bank account.

While I agree with the financial responsibility clause that comes with the regulation that affected Pastor Adeboye’s recent decision, I think it will be a big and a risky one for someone to regulate retirement for someone whose vocation has no business with you; someone not tired and still strong to serve the Lord who called him.

You may be angry with this because you plan to retire at 65. That is your business.

My 91+ father sent for me in December. It has never happened. I wondered if he wanted to make the speech. I was with him and behold the old man was still sharing his visions and plan of service to the Lord. He is no longer keen on visitations. He still does his little writing every now and then, preaches, and goes to church daily.

How can I have such plan for retirement. I am not a bastard naturally and spiritually. It is not in my family and spiritual heritage.

The apostles preached till they dropped dead.

If you don’t pay me salary, you do not dictate my service.

I plan to go farther than where my Dad presently is. He has not stopped.

He is still full of life. He spoke non stop for three hours when I visited with him. I was so impressed. My wife hasn’t got over the fact that he still writes.

All my life, I never knew him to visit the hospital. The one that happen for the first time was without his consent and at almost 90. Imagine a old man preaching in a university campus. He actually needed rest and still fasted. While he was speaking he had to stop. Noting that he was weak,they took him to the hospital from LAUTECH.

He was out after hours because he could not imagine himself hospitalised.

It is those who appointed/vote you into service that can remove you or determine the terms of your service, unless you have broken the scriptures and the faith.

It may be time for the church to stay off being that cold iron that dirty birds defecate upon.

I have never believed in the agreement of the church and the state. God’s kingdom is presently spiritual and presently not of this world.

If we do not mess up, it will be dangerous for those who choose to mess with us. We are not spiritual civilians; we fight till we are ready to gather our feet into our bed.

I will only take a call to step down from my spiritual responsibility as persecution and continue to feed His lambs (preach) and tend (administer) His sheep until there is no more strength and that will be when I can say I have finished my course.

It is not difficult to know those who do not have plan to live long or spend their old age in strength.

#DoNotBeThatHerod #WormsAteHimAlive


  • Adefi Adegbola Tolu

    Religion has unfortunately continued to be subjected to the schemes of men in our nation. Sad enough, it has been a case of different strokes different folks for Islam & Christianity. We need to rise up and mend our broken wall.

    • iatb

      Thanks Gbola. This is subtle. If we take it, tomorrow they will make another law for political correctness in Christian messages. May we know what is Ceaser’s and what is God’s