Happy Easter Sunday to You. He Lives

He went to the cross, looking forward to His resurrection. His death would be worth it, for He will also rise for us. It was impossible for death to hold Him captive. Victoriously, He arose on the third day. As the King of Glory, he did, providing us with forgiveness and justification.

The New Testament emphasises that we were raised with Him, never to die again. His resurrection spelt for us eternal life. We are no longer under the elementary principles of this world. The religious ideals that are not according to Christ.

If we mistakenly embrace these, we will be robbing ourselves of our rewards in Him, if we don’t even loose the connection we have with Christ.

Nothing matters to our walk with Him, than our faith and obedience to Him. We should now be mindful of principles spiritual, which heaven operates by; principles which are affirmed in heaven and which truly confirm whom we are in Christ.

Let us use today to remember that He is risen and alive, and that we are alive with Him. We are dead to the world. We are hid with Christ in God. We are seated with Him at the right hand of God. Principalities and powers are shamed and triumphed over. All these because He lives.