Welcome to November 2017, Be Sensitive to Know Your Season.

God’s grace is always at work towards His people and in certain providential matters, towards everyone. The operation of grace however has its season; and certain grace comes with certain times.

When you recognise the visitation of God’s grace, you will know what to ask for. It cannot be everything for now. When you recognise the operation of God’s grace to save, you will discern the help which is available to you now, because there are times and seasons to a man’s lifetime.

To discern relates with to interpret. This we all do in the natural, in certain basic aspects of our human experience. The religious leaders in the time of Christ were versed in the art of interpreting the weather but failures when it comes to the matter of understanding the times or the seasons of their existence.

The words of Jesus indicated that every time has its sign, and that the signs can thus be used to know the times. This is more than what the clock reads; it is more of what the direction is for the season.

It is essential that everyone knows how to interpret his present time – Luk 12:56. The interpretation of the times has to do with the judgement of what is right – Luk 12:57; it is as simple as being able to see the indicators in a particular season to know what would or would not happen and how you should respond to make the right thing happen – Luk 12:58-59.

I pray for you this month, that your spiritual senses shall receive a fresh quickening to know and not to miss out on what this season of your life is meant for; that you will be liberated from following human trends or patterns from other people’s lives that humans are wont to follow because they could not recognise their own time and season.

Welcome to November 2017, be sensitive to know your season.

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  • Chidinma Evuka

    May God endow us with a discerning spirit. Wisdom being the principal thing, God grant us understanding too.