Blessed are the Peacemakers …

There is a thin line between playing religious game and being Christ’s disciples.

Jesus looked at them on the mount and told them, blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God.

Can we transform with His eternal principle on the way towards the goal of our high calling in Christ.

Our calling is not to fire the embers of division but to be peacemakers. It is to make peace and not war. It is to continually speak peace even when those who are in opposition are spitting war.

This war mode only builds the walls that Jesus pulled down with His sacrifice on Calvary. This war mode only pitches us again Christ’s other sheep who are still outside the fold.

We cannot fight them today, because of religious and political divisiveness and expect to “Bring them in from the fields of sin …[and] Bring the wand’ring ones to Jesus.”

I have been restless in the past few days, praying that the Lord will raise peace makers in the church. Those who are either praying right, and articulating blessings in the closet or making peace in the public even if the atmosphere is of war.

Our wineskin is leaking, we are beginning to think the old way of the flesh is the right way. The leakage is bringing in strange waters that the church isn’t know for in the yesteryears. It is corrupting the souls of the saints.

A cross-section of the church today will go physical when they feel their leader has being violated. The message on mountains and hills is not longer to shear the sword.

Some of our leaders have flagrantly dissented from the teachings on the Lord in the mount.

If in the name of safety, we have created a generation of believers who are so enemy conscious full time and distracted from pursuing the mark of the high calling in Christ, why will political interest not become the reason why strange teachings and strange utterance will flow from the pulpit.

Politics, religious, and ethnic interests, not the faith once delivered to the saints, is are reason for for the new wave on violent Christians – the wave that trended from mid-eighties when progress in understanding was tainted with flesh, empire building, and divisiveness.

The landmark of examples from the father’s of faith from the past have been violated on the altar of fleshly revelations.

In the first century, the uproar against the church want less than the one we have today. The teachings in the epistles portended a church that was law abiding and praying for leaders opposed to them.

Fleshly teachings and choices; flesh plus the prophetic which equals SPECULATIONS have taken over.

Who is thinking? Who is concerned about the next generation of believers? What will it be like a hundred years from now?

Jesus did not arouse the mob. Peter and John did not when they were to be taken. When Peter was released from prison, there was no misinformed expressions and violation of the souls of the saints by mobilising them for war and division.

Let’s go back to the closet and pray right. Let’s come into the open to make peace and not war.

Peacemakers resolve issues with peace and love, not with conflict. We can still use activism of ideological persuasion subject to Christ’s teachings instead of idolising the sociological doctrine of conflict viewpoint. Let’s keep the society or the nation together, let the testimony of division not be from the church.