The Foundation of the Lord is Sure

Too many dirty stories around
Encouraged by hero-worship abounding
And love for the name that walled us from others
More than the true worship of our Father in heaven.

Values are trending downhill
Ethics are now backseated
We protect our togetherness
More than we do, the interest of Christ

We don’t sack anyone in this place
Scam, steal, or wound them in your trail
We will maintain you in power
That our polity may not be rocked

Defining the middle road seems more difficult
Speak up in the interest of the body, we were taught
Cover up the wounded soldiers, they even quipped
And evil abounds in the household of God

They bear the brunt, yet in their leaders care
The effect of bad examples and of human abuses
You dare not touch the Lord’s anointed
Even when the professional, only represents by the words of mouth

Make it and take it has become the order
Life is rated only by the glitters
Even if they are faking it and missing it
At least people see what is impressive to them.

Eloquence in lieu of true power
Psychology and mind power over discernment
We’ve been ‘corinthianised’ for decades
To love them by their power of words

They see your troubles by the spirit
But you have to drop your dollars for the blessing
Don’t you know you have to part with what you have
For you need the oil in their reserve

Even if you are conned of your fund
At least you get the thrill from their skill
And even if your account is depleted after the service
The unction functions on your victims too till the next service

Younger ones in trouble everywhere
Not everyone read the Book for themselves
Who cares when the needed model seems adequate
With the man that flaunts all that he’s got.

Mockers of rightness abound everywhere
Deception and veiled intentions on the stage
They quipped of their stage being the place
Where the grace of God is so abounding.

The power now turns stones to bread
The allurements of the world, now part of the goal
The more the gold, the more our God
As if His glory is in our shows

Kiss their hands and lick their boots
Unless you don’t need their grace
By it they can make or mar
You sure don’t want them to curse

Give your body to get the baby
But Daddy this is biblically wrong
He’ll tell you the story of David
That He got the girl without losing His God

This grace, they said, will never depart
Even if they do whatever they want
Theirs is the God who’s grace ever covers
Even the riot of the rascals and prodigals

Come to the church and join their ranks
You don’t even need to cease being yourself
Just say that Jesus is Lord
And you are assured, of being safer than ever before

So we have many that name Him the Lord
And bother not to do His will
Why should that be a matter of concern
Haven’t Jesus paid it all.

It is surely a very thin line
Between your will and His will
And if care is not even taken
Your empire takes over a portion of His kingdom

Shouldn’t we pray for mature hearts that can journal
To investigate and document this spate for posterity
And if necessary bring the actors to book
That the generation coming might be safe

If you violate them, it’s not the end
In the climes where they know to think
Even if it’s decades afterwards
You will still be brought to book

I am coming very soon says the Lord
To repay everyone per their works
Don’t forget that He had one concern
When He comes, shall He find the faith on earth.

The foundation of the Lord is sure
It has just one seal
Let those who call the name of the Lord
Depart from every form of iniquity.

Isaac Tolu Boluwatise
01 Jun 2019