Biblical Teaching and Social Context

Political correctness has become the order of the day. If is only good when preachers preach what you prefer.

He was teaching contextually and emphasised what the Bible teaches and because of the Nigerian situation you are all over the place against Him.

He did not even mention names.

You will have more people to be angry with when Pastors stop all their politically correct topical selections and teach from the Scriptures in context.

Even when Nero was against the church, Peter taught, not out of fear as you suggested, but in consideration of believers as strangers and pilgrims on earth whose duties are primarily to God and such duties demonstrated by their civic responsibility of submission to authorities as those who represent the Lord.

Do you really want him to rewrite the scriptures?

Maybe we need more of line by line teachings or contextual messages from the scriptures.

There are certain part of the Bible that some churches haven’t learned from for decades. You understand why many fight on Facebook against right teaching.

You are simply saying, because Nigeria is this way, some stuffs should not be taught.

The word of God is above your situation and authoritative over your social context or you only calm Him Lord without being ready to His will.