Don’t Be Unsettled by Conspiracy Theories.

The manifestation of the expected head of one world government is under lockdown actually since the first century. His manifestation will not happen untill the Restrainer has been taken away.

The theory about a particular person being the agent that God is using to delay the one world government is so speculative.

The word of God is that you shouldn’t be unsettled by the conspiracy theories. You should rather focus on being ready for the gathering of God’s people to their Lord who is coming for them.

At a time the theory was “do not collect bank card”.

Along the line, it was “do not join the Facebook as it is being used to gather data for the antichrist..”

Then in a rather quiet manner, it was “this BVN is what the prophecy was about as you would not be able to transact without it in the nearest future”, more so that it compulsory for everyone.

The list and the theories continue.

When universal is (symbolised by 666 in the Bible) arrives, it will not be an advice, not shall it be a suggestion. The government that will give it will be in place and not in theories.

Rather than being unsettled by the theories, expect the Lord’s coming, like a thief in the night.