Job 22:28
Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee:
and the light shall shine upon thy ways. KJV

Job 22:28
What you decide on will be done,
and light will shine on your ways. NIV

We have corrupted the art of prayer. When we should sue on a matter in prayer, we arrogate to ourselves making decree concerning them.

Jesus, as the Son of God, shouldn’t even have prayed at all while he was in the flesh, if it is the we way we arrogate these things to ourselves these days.

Maybe He should have made decrees against Rome, when He was here. That was actually what the people expected of His Messianic responsibility. That was, of course, not the reason He came.

You shall decree things within your sphere, not beyond your sphere. When a government issues a decree, it is with immediate effect. If it issues a decree and it is still not effective afterward, it is making itself a joke.

Sovereign exists, not to sue but to command. However, when you have authority above you and you are not primate over all things, you must learn to separate between what you command and what you sue to higher authority.
Why do we bastardise the use of words and go all over the palace decreeing everything. It is arrogant when we do not know what is within our sphere. A government doesn’t decree beyond its boundary.

The pulpit cannot decree against governmental stipulations. If the government is wrong, we file the case to God, not to issue parallel decrees and fire people up in arrogance against civil governance.

At the time when the opposition from sinners is rife, the scripture teaches us to run our race with carefulness and not to fight their contradictions (Heb 12)

Why do we teach people to run around ejaculating I decree and declare on same matter for years with no effect, on matters that should be commited to God.

We do not ask questions when Christian leaders make decree (on matters they should pray about) and it is still pending years after.

Being charismatic should not mean being arrogant.

When believers pray, according the Lord, it should be to ask for the will of God to be done on earth as it is in heaven. He alone is our Sovereign.

The theology of kingdom mentality would be violating divine eschatological arrangement if it is not understood as submission to Him in this age.

We need to check the context of “we shall reign over the earth .. ” before we run with every wind of doctrine.

The early church respected governmental authorities; prayed for the government; and taught the people to submit to rules; not as those in bondage but as those who are free.

Christian leadership is not in any way parralel to civil governance. Christian leadership is not ruling and dominance. It is impunity when we misrepresent our Lord and His teachings.

I have my fears these days when pastors are now being represented or treated as Royals over Church Nations and worshipped beyond due respect. Prominence is not parralel to governance. If it is interpreted that way, it amounts to lawlessness.

Soul winning and discipleship tripled when the church began to be controlled by the state and were largely forced to go underground somewhere in Asia.

Our liberty shouldn’t be abused because we are in a free state. The exploits of the church in terms of the objectives of the great commission is more prominent in states where there are restrictions.

Thank God for free states.

Matthew 10:16
“I am sending you out like SHEEP among wolves. Therefore be as SHREWD as snakes and as INNOCENT as doves.

His SHEEP are SHREWD while maintaining their INNOCENCE.

Methinks civil reactions may in certain ways conflict with the great commission.

We change the world now; not through decrees from the pulpits; or civil actions from or outside the Church; but by serving in obedience to the great commission; to transform societies and not landscapes; by changing lives

The influence of Christ in the days of His flesh was in the lives He changed and in the godly examples and instructions He gave

Bless your church Lord and build it your own way.