Dearly Beloved,


Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This is to invite you to the Higher Ground Rally, an initiative through which we teach and challenge the Disciples of Christ to live practically and optimally and to bridge the gap between their existence and their calling.

Tickets at http://bit.ly/hgr0217

Through the Rally, we raise the bar for practical Christian living, by helping people to realise that there is more to life than the current sphere of experience, that they might break beyond the status quo by being all out, both in obedience and service, to the kingdom of God and for fulfilment of His will and glory in their lives and their generation.

We seek to accomplish these by exploring and practically applying models and principles from the scriptures to aid the contemporary person.

This edition is a must attend as it promises to lead you into relating with How God Initiates the Fulfilment of His Plan on Earth.

The event will hold on Sunday, 26th February, 2017, at The Emperor Place (Beside St. Raphael Mercy Specialist Hospital), Ijede Road, Ikorodu, Lagos. Time is 4:00 pm.

While admission is free for everyone, registration is required for everyone above age 16. You can register at http://bit.ly/hgr0217


While the world complains about recession and depression, the Almighty will fulfil His counsel in your life. As you yield yourself to His word/promises/plan, He will make you like a tree planted by the waters; everything shall happen to you in its season.

Look away from the troubles; make the Almighty God your focus and His word, your guide – as lamp to your feet and light to your path in life.

Instead of wantonly pursuing His blessings and works, yield yourself to Him as servant of His purpose; seek only for His glory and praise in your life; and it shall be to you according to His word.

Settle into this new month with the knowing that “… no word from God will ever fail.” Luk 1:38

Happy new month to you and all yours. Peace be to you all round.

Yours in His service,

Isaac Boluwatise

We Cannot Forget Our History Because of Our Situation

The contemporary church should not forget history. We are not an existential church that is autonomous with its teachings and policies. Our existence and operations are based on the truth once for all delivered to the saints. 
What did Jesus teach us to do while facing persecution? 

How did the apostles respond when faced with persecution? 

They actually faced it from the beginning. The government was not not friendly with them. Yet they grew mightily and prevailed with the gospel. 

Power, not just spiritual, belonged to Peter when they came to arrest him and his peer at the temple. He only needed to speak to the people who were awe struck with the words and the miracles. They could have mobbed the temple soldiers that came to arrest them. They chose rather to follow them like the sheep to its slaughter. 

Situation did not change Peter’s opinion. Little wonder decades down the line, he presented the death of christ not just as expiatory, but also as exemplary. 

He left us an example that we should follow in His steps – 1 Peter 2:20-23

But how is it to your credit if you receive a beating for doing wrong and endure it? But if you suffer for doing good and you endure it, this is commendable before God. To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.

“He committed no sin,

and no deceit was found in his mouth.”

When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.

If any teaching or response leads us away from what the Lord says, we might need to decide to whom our allegiance is. 

We are disciples only to Christ; we were won for Him and to Him is our allegiance. 

If ours is a living faith, our obedience to it is our defence of it. 

He who sits in the heavens, did not at any time order us to take to arms to defend his cause. We are not savages. 

What kept the Christian faith till date was not the defence of arms, but the obedience and the resilience of the saints who would not forget that He promised that He will build His church and gates of hell shall not prevail. 

What caused the faith to be overrun wherever if happened in history was not the failure of the promise but the nominal religion that they reduced the faith to in those places. 

This is what we should contend against; and to the great commission, we should commit ourselves. 

When Peter drew the sword, Jesus told him that those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword. 

He later taught his generation to be peaceful when faced with persecution. 


The valiant in faith never resorted to sword in the history of the church. 

Our defence of the faith is ideological and spiritual. If we resort to sword, it is not for the faith, maybe for our space and for our lives. 

He called us to take up our cross and not our sword.

For those who were not nominal in history, they sustained in obedience to Christ. 

Matthew 16:24-26

Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?

They choose to die willingly in the early church, knowing it was part of the package

Not all who says Lord, Lord shall have the attention of the master on that day, in spite of the accomplishments, only those who do (not those who rewrite) His will. 

We must sharpened each other in these trying times; we must uphold one another not to forget where our river flows from. 

To him who overcome, there is a crown. 

We Cannot Forget Our History Because of Our Situation


Some churches in the US refused to incorporate because they think it is a way to be enslaved to a secular government.

A team of people bear the responsibility for the ‘association’ legally plus they willingly pay their tax on receipts and they are free to have their bank account.

While I agree with the financial responsibility clause that comes with the regulation that affected Pastor Adeboye’s recent decision, I think it will be a big and a risky one for someone to regulate retirement for someone whose vocation has no business with you; someone not tired and still strong to serve the Lord who called him.

You may be angry with this because you plan to retire at 65. That is your business.

My 91+ father sent for me in December. It has never happened. I wondered if he wanted to make the speech. I was with him and behold the old man was still sharing his visions and plan of service to the Lord. He is no longer keen on visitations. He still does his little writing every now and then, preaches, and goes to church daily.

How can I have such plan for retirement. I am not a bastard naturally and spiritually. It is not in my family and spiritual heritage.

The apostles preached till they dropped dead.

If you don’t pay me salary, you do not dictate my service.

I plan to go farther than where my Dad presently is. He has not stopped.

He is still full of life. He spoke non stop for three hours when I visited with him. I was so impressed. My wife hasn’t got over the fact that he still writes.

All my life, I never knew him to visit the hospital. The one that happen for the first time was without his consent and at almost 90. Imagine a old man preaching in a university campus. He actually needed rest and still fasted. While he was speaking he had to stop. Noting that he was weak,they took him to the hospital from LAUTECH.

He was out after hours because he could not imagine himself hospitalised.

It is those who appointed/vote you into service that can remove you or determine the terms of your service, unless you have broken the scriptures and the faith.

It may be time for the church to stay off being that cold iron that dirty birds defecate upon.

I have never believed in the agreement of the church and the state. God’s kingdom is presently spiritual and presently not of this world.

If we do not mess up, it will be dangerous for those who choose to mess with us. We are not spiritual civilians; we fight till we are ready to gather our feet into our bed.

I will only take a call to step down from my spiritual responsibility as persecution and continue to feed His lambs (preach) and tend (administer) His sheep until there is no more strength and that will be when I can say I have finished my course.

It is not difficult to know those who do not have plan to live long or spend their old age in strength.

#DoNotBeThatHerod #WormsAteHimAlive

Welcome to 2017. Happy New Year to You

You shall be saved from doom and every inclination that leads to it. The direction of the Almighty shall save you from the pressure of the times. 

Your eyes shall see; your hears shall hear; your heart shall perceive. Wisdom and carefulness shall be the stability of your time and the strength of your safety. 

Obedience shall pay off for you and at the time of recession or depression, you will accomplish what is seemingly impossible. 

Welcome to 2017. Your journey through it shall be right all the way with God. 

Happy new year. 

Isaac & Theresa Boluwatise


Christian maturity is not in knowledge of everything; not totally in association or affiliation; not in title or position; not in form or facade, it is in choices.
As the earth continues, we will continue to be faced with choices to make.
Painfully these days, believers asked questions that should not be asked. It is not that they do not know. it is that the heart is not bent enough towards the Lord to choose according to His will.
When fellowship is not deep enough, choices will be bound in the shallow waters of the realities of this world and not IN THE REALITIES OF THE WORD – the will of God, which is good, acceptable, and perfect.
The choice of the will of God as good, as acceptable, and as perfect is the mark of serious (not perfect) Christians.
He guides our hearts in our choices. we may struggle with it; we still yield to it. We may feel the pain of the choice; we still have pleasure in it.
The prince of this age lies at the door always, to peddle its wares and lead God’s people into myopia. Whatever else will be the cause or basis for these shallow choices than myopia – not being able to see afar off; not keeping eternity in view; not pursuing to make the calling and election sure.
Our choices will not always be agreeable with the world nor with its realities; not pleasant to the flesh not to its quest for gratifying pulls, it will however be pleasing to the soul which finds pleasure in pleasing the Lord.
The Spirit of the Lord is always around to lead and guide, only if we are inclined to him shall we hear and know His quiet promptings. He will always lead us to glorify God; to show the world that in spite of its disagreement with God’s will, we choose to honour Him with our yieldedness.
It is in the choices; our mature walk with God is seen in our choices.

Ecclesiastical Ceremonies and Scriptural Imperatives

It has been my thought consistently now for 24 years, that official ministry ceremonies are not part of the Christian mandate. I stand to be corrected.
I still insist that traditions, whether ecclesiastical or native, brought ecclesiastical ceremonies in over time.

Ordination and investiture were not there in the first century. The special pouring of oil was not even there.

Jesus only commissioned the twelve by sending them forth.

The ‘ceremony’ that launched Paul and Barnabas into their missionary endeavour was not preplanned; it was born out of days of ministering to Lord in fasting and prayer and a clear word from the Holy Spirit. 

They simply laid hands on them, without oil poured or specially tailored wears donned, and subsequently released them to go.

What they did with no ceremony laid the foundation for the outreaches to the nations till now. 

I still ask myself, though I have sat in a few, how we shall defend the enormous budget earmarked for ordinations, installation ceremonies and official confirmation of churches already planted successfully and the painful sacrifices or levies so undertaken.

I have been amazed at the political power play, schemings and bickering for recognition and ordinations, the exceptional attention given to official garment decorations over time.

If everything we do shall be accounted for on that day, I have fears, and I have no plans to be more relaxed on this, of having on the list what He did not specify for His church.

Help us Lord to concentrate on the weightier matters of your word without concentrating more on things that are not even secondary.

Help us not to glorify our minds above the prompting of your spirit. 

Sincerely, there are areas where we have considered our decisions mature enough, without seeking clarifications from the Holy Spirit.

I tabled an issue before Him in 98, He responded point blank that He did not instruct me to do one of the things I did during ministry in 97. I told Him that I thought He led me to do it as I ministered in one of my itineraries that year, more so when there was testimony subsequent to it. He reminded me of what He asked me to do then, and I still remember it till now, and how I extended the word into other things based on the association I was keeping.

I looked back and objectively admitted that I brought other forms into the instruction (blessing a bottled of oil for the person He gave me a word for with an instruction to pray for the fellow) simply because it was in vogue.

I learnt since then to follow the faith of those ahead of me, within the bounds of the scriptural imperatives, and to respect their choice in subjective matters, as one who would account for himself and how he led others on that day.

I learnt ever since to responsibly sepaRate individual choices of my fathers from their obedience to the objective imperatives of the scriptures.

I have learnt over time that prayers, privately done or carried out in a simple Christain meeting, without fanfare, pomp and pageantry is all we need for ministry.

May the Holy Spirit help us to be adequate in our response to Him on that day, when He asks of us what we have done concerning His plans and purpose.

Welcome to December 2016

God’s good plan is to give you all the land, meaning that there is no aspect of your life where you should lack the visitation of God. 
As you proceed into this month may you experience His visitation all round so that at the end of the month it shall be a season of praise-full transition into the new year. 

Happy new month to you. 

God’s Purpose Marches On Without Human Help

When the church in its sentiment develops inclination for cheap security, it settles for the path of least resistance like an ostrich that hides its head in the sand.

What happens to its body mass that is still visible which the little sand has no capacity to protect?

We need a clearer understanding of biblical history and insightful application of these to contemporary issues to properly interpret or understand the purpose of God for our time.

Christ does not need some of these contemporary contemporary Christian choices to accomplish His cause.

God will rule in the affairs of men and do what pleases Him without our attempt to make things easy for Him.

Biblical history showed that those He used outside the community of His people did not have to pretend to be for His people. Amidst their secular ungodly choices, He kept making a way for His purpose which cannot but progress towards its culmination.

He even said I will never leave you nor forsake you that you may boldly say “the Lord is my helper and I shall not be afraid what man shall do into me”.

His purpose is marching on without human help.


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