God’s Purpose Marches On Without Human Help

When the church in its sentiment develops inclination for cheap security, it settles for the path of least resistance like an ostrich that hides its head in the sand.

What happens to its body mass that is still visible which the little sand has no capacity to protect?

We need a clearer understanding of biblical history and insightful application of these to contemporary issues to properly interpret or understand the purpose of God for our time.

Christ does not need some of these contemporary contemporary Christian choices to accomplish His cause.

God will rule in the affairs of men and do what pleases Him without our attempt to make things easy for Him.

Biblical history showed that those He used outside the community of His people did not have to pretend to be for His people. Amidst their secular ungodly choices, He kept making a way for His purpose which cannot but progress towards its culmination.

He even said I will never leave you nor forsake you that you may boldly say “the Lord is my helper and I shall not be afraid what man shall do into me”.

His purpose is marching on without human help.


Welcome to September 2016

The walls are falling down flat and the gates are flinging open. 

God has given you the victory over every wall and gate preventing your access. 

Identify and mark out whatever the form is before you; Speak to them with a voice of triumph in the exalted name of Jesus. 

They are becoming history this September. 

Happy new month.


So Jesus stood still and commanded him to be called….
And throwing aside his garment, he rose and came to Jesus. Mark 10:49-50


… let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, Heb. 12:1

Once the Lord gives you an instruction concerning a move you should make; He stands still watching over His word to see it coming to pass. After the word must have been given, it becomes your responsibility to optimise the provision as an already settled process and not as a work that is still pending.

The word given is for you to cross over to a place of change or difference. Wherever He asks you to move to or whatever He asks you to do is for a place or an experience where there shall be in your life a manifestation of the triumph of Christ and the fragrance of His presence. The battle is not to be won, it is already won; the work is not to be done, it is already done (from the foundation of the world – Heb. 4:3). Your duty is not to do in a sense but to use the provision already made.

He is not out to abandon you after the word has been given; He watches over His word to see it performed. He has moved not to abandon you, but to lead you as your frontrunner to the place that awaits you.

To cross over according to His instruction, there is a lesson to be learnt from Bartimeus for whom we vividly see the standing still of the real Ark in the gospels (check the last editions). Not only did he know that Christ had the provision for him, he also had an intense desire for the provision. His desire was so intense that he cried out loud to use the provision. People tried to shout him down, but he was resolved so be passed by. He intensified his plea for help by shouting more. His cry for help was so powerful that the Lord stood still and called for Him.

Upon being told that the Lord called for him, Bartimeus flung off himself his cloak to receive what awaited him. He got what he wanted eventually. There are people with intense desire for one thing that is needful. Be encouraged to maximise the present provision that the Lord has for you. Now is the acceptable time … You desire to cross over; The Lord is willing to wait for you to cross. Whatever direction He faces concerning you with His word, there can be no more hurdle or hindrance. Whatever hurdle you see after He must have given the word will only be the one you permit or accommodate.

If Bartimeus will fling off his garment which was significant to his old estate and unnecessary for His desired estate, it is time you marked out those things that are presently important but totally not useful for your desired future.

According to R. Alan Culpeppe, in the recurring theme of garment in the wider context of Mark, there is a significant representation. Though an avoidable reference, it was mentioned because of its significance to the details of the narrative and the wider context of the account of Mark.

In Bartimeus particular case, there has been suggestion that the garment was spread in front of him so that he sat on part of it with the rest covering his shoulder. The garment was unclean, yet a covering. He sat on it while it also served as the receptacle for the alms he was collecting. This shows how important the garment was. As a cover, as a seat, and as a receptacle. He will need to throw the garment off for him to jump up. Throwing the garment means he will possibly be throwing off all his collection for the day.

The significance of Bartimeus garment points to the important things that you have to forego to receive your needed desire and what a disciple must leave behind to follow Jesus. Some of them of these could be sins that naturally will beset you; some of them could be superfluous weight you do not need for your race. Such things are to be counted as garbage so as to receive the excellency of the gift from Christ. If you would do this, you would have beaten all odds to appropriate heaven’s provision and blessing for you. Cheers.


Then the priests who bore the ark of the covenant of the Lord stood firm … in the midst of the Jordan; …, until all the people had crossed completely over the Jordan. Josh. 3:17


So Jesus stood still …. Luke 18:40

Our emphasis has been on how you can cross over the hurdles before you.  The spiritually sensitive will admit that there is an ongoing significant work that God wants to accomplish on everyone, with none left behind. There is a Jericho ahead of you. He wants to get everyone there for His next operation. The world knows about you, but you haven’t seen anything yet. Where God is taking you is a place where through you He will create more awareness of Himself. A place where He will publish the victory of Christ vividly by what He is set to do in your life. He would not want to see anyone left behind in this corporate plan.

It has been pointed out that the key to crossing over life’s hurdles is in seeing the move of Christ or the direction of God’s word and presence. So, drawing from the typology of the Ark of covenant which prefigured Christ, it is important to be mindful of what ministers carry. The priest bearing the Ark provided the direction for the people to follow. In the text, it is clear that the priests bearing the ark set out before Joshua and his people, while the they crossed over opposite Jericho. In the New Testament, the Ark of the Covenant himself moves and around because of the people; whenever they see him, they have their needs met to move on to their next phase in life.

Significant for this administration of the word is that the priests who bore the ark stood firm until all the people had crossed completely just as the Reality Himself stood still to ensure that the disadvantaged was not left behind. CHRIST IS SET OUT CLEARLY BEFORE THE PEOPLE. He is the word and the presence of God. Every time we preach Him, what we are doing is bring Him, the creative, living, and the manifest word into people’s lives.

It is dangerous and wasteful to practise form or religion. 2 Tim. 3:1-5 portrayed what will characterise the last days. It shall be perilous times when there will be people having a form of godliness while denying the power thereof. The ministry of the word is not a form or ritual; neither the hearing of the word. Every attentive and careful hearing of the word should lead to seeing the operations of God and moving in response to the revelation and the prophetic instruction of the word (Phil. 4:9) so as to cross over to the next camp; victory; and possessions ahead.

HE ENSURES THAT EVERYONE CROSSES OVER INTO THE NEXT PHASE. As it was with them at Jordan, so it must be with us today. To cross cannot be by might nor by power, it must be by the operation of the Lord. The next phase is not necessarily according to human preference. For the Israelites, it was to cross over Jordan; For the multitude around Jesus, it was for their needs to be met in diverse ways. They could see him; they all followed him. They did because they knew that in following him they will have their needs met. For Bartimeus, it was to receive his sight.

EVERYONE MAY NOT BE SET TO CROSS OVER. The challenge is not the lack of desire to cross over, it is the inability to see. 2 Cor. 4:4; Matt. 13:14-15; the operation of satan – 2 Cor. 4:4; also known as ignorance – Luk. 18:35ff. Bartimeus represented others who are not set to cross, but will be glad to cross. FOR SUCH PEOPLE, THE ARK STANDS STILL. The Ark stands firm for everybody to cross over opposite Jericho. For them in Joshua days, the Ark of the Covenant stood firm, Josh. 3:17; For them during the life of Jesus on earth, He stood still – Luk. 18:40; for no one should be left behind. Is there anyone who suspects that there is a move going on but could not plug into it? Is there anyone who is not sure of what the spirit of the Lord is doing? The Lord is set to push you to the place of fragrance. 2 Cor. 2:14-17. He stands still for your sake, for He seeks to lead you in the triumph of Christ and to diffuse through you the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.

I CHALLENGE YOU TO ENSURE YOU DO NOT LET HIM PASS YOU BY: by clarifying what you are hearing; asking for the Lord’s help; resisting every force or element that seeks to quieten you; intensifying your desire to see as you cannot afford to be left behind as everyone crosses over to Jericho. God has sent this word to ensure that you will cross over to the other side.

Our Cause or the Cause of Christ

I have been musing in recent times as I have done in the past about the energy and time believers are putting into campaigning against purported islamisation of Nigeria instead of devotion to evangelism and prayers for the will of God to be done on earth. I am asking myself which one will be better.

Regional failures of Christians in history were not so much as a result of being overrun by other religions, but as a result of failing CHRIST while still feeling cool about themselves being busy with self interest. We wouldn’t have known this if not for the letters to the churches in Revelation.

I often ask myself what would Christ do if He were here now. Will He be busy with reactions or with taking right actions, those that He came for.

I ask my self what was the church’s disposition when Emperor Nero was haunting them. Check what Peter wrote in his first epistle.

The only way we can fight for the cause of Christ is through obedience to the charge He gave us. I think in these agitations we are rather fighting for ourselves and not for Christ.

What did Christ teach on how to live under persecution and what did the Apostles affirm after Him?

Christian living and response cannot be synonymous with civil activism. It is either we are preaching Christ or saving our heads.

He that will find his life will loose it and he that will loose his life will find it. Read across the Gospels and see what Christ wrote.

The perpetuation of Christ’s work on earth will never depend on these agitations. No one can wipe out the cause of Christ on earth. He promised to build His church; He promised that the gate of hell shall not prevail. They were not busy agitating in Jerusalem; they rejoiced when they suffered for Christ.

Christians in certain parts of India are going through tough times. They are facing the heat while still winning souls even among their detractors. Christian are not called to campaign against persecution.

I have to keep checking if my Bible is not different. I have to keep asking myself why my friends will keep sending the same message from years ago to me over WhatsApp either ignorantly or to promote agitations.

Can I plead with you to spare me of being copied in these Biblically baseless campaigns. I have taken my stand 27 years ago and I am not changing it in being an obedient disciple of Christ. I have children and I have not shun to show them what the bible says to us on such things.

I am not holier than thou, sincerely. I am also not given to religious campaigns that make enemies or opponents out of those I was sent to minister to.

I am Isaac Boluwatise. Not as if I am already perfect, neither will I be involved in what Christ did not send me to do. I haven’t lost my sense of reason and neither will I rationalise on clearly defined biblical matters.

I have the fear that those who fight to keep their head in relatively peaceful times are doing injustice to the believers’ choice when they will be directly confronted in evil days. How many will stand if they are offered options.

We are here for the cause of Christ and not to save our lives. May the Lord help us all.


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