Welcome to December 2016

God’s good plan is to give you all the land, meaning that there is no aspect of your life where you should lack the visitation of God. 
As you proceed into this month may you experience His visitation all round so that at the end of the month it shall be a season of praise-full transition into the new year. 

Happy new month to you. 


There are things meant to be under your rule

Which you presently do not see there

As you journey into the month of AUGUST 

There shall be a distinct turnaround

That you will see Christ

In the place of those pending victories

And that He, as the Captain of your salvation

Will bruise under your feet shortly

The head of satan and his contending forces


Isaac Boluwatise

Welcome to June 2016

… although the works were finished from the foundation of the world. Heb 4:3

God’s plan for you was so perfect that nothing could go wrong.
He finished the work concerning you before bringing you into the picture.
Welcome to the month of June. Enjoy God’s finished work.