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When pastors are far from the reality that members live in, they will pontificate on issues that have little or no effect on themselves.

I drive to church in a car that is air-conditioned and that does some filtering to the air before it gets to me and I consider it as grossly inhuman to have no consideration for the risk that my members will go through to get to church in public facilities with those who care less for their own safety?

This is the extent it gets after testifying to the people of the divine health we have enjoyed for decades while we covertly undergo health check annually. Many of them cannot imagine that the leader that is immuned to ailments does health check.

This is how far it gets when we tell them that the Lord who has been our keeper will keep them also but we move around with the security of an army that can serve at war front.

If we are angry because churches cannot meet, it is not about the church (the people) because they can meet in the homes, it is about ourselves.

There is still balm in Gilead, I cannot deny. Whatever happened however in pre-covid19 situation where not all were healed and we used hospital.

If we are angry because public meetings are under ban, what happens in the nations where public religious gathering, as part of an intentional move against the church, has been banned?

Playing god in human affairs is an insult to our God. ‘I am he‘ is one the end time phenomena that Jesus said we should watch out for.

We haven’t seen trouble and we are crying wolf. What will happen when real conspiracy as Christ said we should expect happens.

Some day, none of the stones of our physical buildings will remain on each other, as they will be of no use while the church continues.

We have preached for ‘here and now’ too much that we cannot stand any threat to the earthly investments.

At the time when the Spirit and the bride should be saying “come Lord Jesus”, we are still busy prophesying ‘the coming wealth’.

This has been done for decades that the church looks forwards to more money than to the coming of Him that is coming for those who love His appearing.

If we cannot meet in the homes without feeling frustrated and support such meeting with the nascent technologies, it is because we have been building vanities that cannot stand in the time of crises.

May be we are the god for the people and apart from us they can do nothing. Why must temple meeting be compulsory when synagogues are possible in neighbourhoods at a time like this.

Thank God for the necessary mega buildings; however, the current situation is a prophecy that glory in them is vain and that one day they shall become unnecessary and unuseful.

The temple and the homes must go hand in hand. The real church however is not the theater but the fellowship in the homes.

We have been so inundated with celebrity ministry that the normal has become the new abnormal of the last days.

God is not angry with the lockdown, his church marching on. The comfort of faith that we have been used to and our ego are the oppressor of our minds.

Let’s go ahead and canvass for the lockdown on markets and for the opening of Church meetings since the church can answer to much more than food.

The churches and the mosques are restricted from public meeting, victim mentality says it is an agenda against the church. May the real agenda never come? What will be the song at such time?

It would have impressed me more if the concern is because of the inability to run public gospel crusades.

True Christianity can cope with simplicity of ministry.

Channels for frequent communication has not been locked down. Media has not been locked down. Homes have not been locked down.

The church is still and will always be marching on, even if things are worse than this.