Welcome to October 2017, Awake in God’s Likeness

Welcome to October 2017. This is the goodness of the Lord, marvellous in our sight, as being alive is an indication that God’s plan is still functional towards you. Faithful is He who has began the good work in you, He will finish it.

As you enter this new month, join me to make Ps 17:15 your focus and meditation.

Amidst all the imperfect situations on earth, the Lord wants your focus to be on Him. Looking away from these troubles is like dying to them and being awake to God.

When you focus on the situations, you define them as true to you; whereas, when you focus on God, Himself and His word becomes your reality.

The discipline of looking into God in dependence on the Holy Spirit, energises your transformation process of becoming more like Him, of getting deeper into His plan; and of having more victory in your life.

David said I have set the Lord always before me and because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. Ps 16:9.

Enjoy peace, victory, and growth this month as you keep your mind on the Lord. He will bless you with grace and glory, and withhold not from you every good thing needed for your life.

As for me, I will see Your face in righteousness;

I shall be satisfied when I awake in Your likeness. Psalms 17:15

Welcome to October 2017; awake in God’s likeness.



December 13, 2015     Volume 1, Issue 008


… But among these there was not a man of those who were numbered … in the Wilderness of Sinai.

– Num 26:63-65

God has a place for you ahead of time and He is not interested in you losing the place.

God has a place for everyone. it is a provision beyond mere existence and an allotment for each person, in accordance with His eternal plan. It is meant for the fullness of time, which is not a calendar time; but an appropriate time or a set time for the appropriation of the provision. Many in history were found to be missing when their time and opportunity to appropriate their place came, for they did not keep their place of honour (Ps 49:20). That they were missing shows that there was really a definite place for them, a place which they lost. God who planned a place for you ahead of time is not interested in you losing the place.

The fall of man distorted the occupation and optimisation of the provision. To salvage the plan, man has to be regenerated, Eph. 2:10, as being saved opens a man into walking in the preordained plan, role, assignment, or life.

The knowledge of the place meant for each person comes by revelation. Revelation is a word from God that reveals His plan for His own. You do not know the plan until it is revealed – 1 Cor. 2:9-10. Revelation is a necessity; Eph. 1:17-18. It gives a glimpse into the future and shows the commitment of the faithful God who will neither lie nor fail. Tit 1:2; 2 Cor. 1:19-20. Revelation is an enlightenment; while it could be informational, it is much more as illumination for the heart. It causes one to supernaturally see an exact aspect of God’s good plan. Revelation is an empowerment since it is spiritual. Seeing with the eyes of the heart is an empowerment for life, this is why listening to God’s word should not be as attending mere lectures. The aim should always be to see. Those who see are unstoppable. Acts 4:18-20; 26:16-20; they have been empowered; driven by the zeal of God that accomplishes.

It takes a journey to get to the place earmarked for you. A journey is a trip to a destination. The journey only commences with the revelation that God gives. Until you see, you may not move. Remember Noah; Abraham and Moses. Everyone that embarks on a God-related journey will affirm that it is based on a revelation from God. Once the journey commences; it heads towards a destination. That destination must always be of godly worth. It could be of people to influence for the kingdom; lives to be touched with His power or exploits to be carried out for His glory. This journey into purpose is transformational – from who you are to who you should be; transitional – from where you are to where you should be; and appropriation-al – from what you have to what you should have.

It takes a fight to appropriate your place. Incidentally, most people do not like to fight because of the comfortability of the status quo, the comfort zone or the place of least resistance; they do not, because change, though very essential, could be very difficult. God did not make anything living to remain static. Getting into the place allotted you requires a firm resolve; it takes time; and it uses every divine help possible.

The needed change to get into your place is opposed by ego which is comfortable with what is; opposed by the system of this world, opinions and doctrines of your tribe, which want to leave you as you are; and opposed by the devil himself who wants to sift you as wheat. It is your business to fight for your place; for your destiny/destination; as you cannot afford to miss your allotment in life. You, therefore, need to be occupied with the thought of it (for what you think about constantly is what you can metamorphose into – Pro 23:7) and fight for it. Your place is calling for you and awaiting you. Stand for it; fight for it; and go for it. It will be costly to miss it.


December 27, 2015                                  Volume 1, Issue 010


And she brought forth her firstborn Son … and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn. – Luk 2:7

Though God makes all things beautiful …, He does not birth all things in the perfect beauty expected ….

Christmas brings hope to a dying world. Christ’s coming as the Father’s answer to the troubled world is still joy to the world. His arrival, heralded by the appearance of the angels to the shepherd who were watching their flock by night, was good tiding to all; of glory to God in the heavens; of peace on earth; and of good will to men.

The immediate account of His birth rounded up in Luk 2:7 with “… because there was no room for them in the inn.” The birth was not in a beautiful setting as we are wont to expect. God who makes all things beautiful in its time begins the beauty with a birth in simplicity. This is a lesson in the importance of appreciating the days of little beginnings. Often we do not recognise the things that are not essential to the fulfilment of God’s will in our lives. A baby was to be born and the setting of the birth was not as important as the birth itself. Note that the mention of the setting was the last in the details of His birth.

Despite the setting of His birth, He came to make lives beautiful by restoring men back to the original plan of God. Israel ignored Him simply because the King did not appear in glory, confused by the two sidedness of the prophecies about Him. But to those who received Him power was given to make them sons of God. The effect of that little beginning is still ongoing on earth. Amidst oppositions and violent resistance to the peaceful propagation of the good tidings, the message about the King, as a gracious gift to the world continues to thrive across the nations, tribes and climes.

The value of the Christmas story is an encouragement to all in that:

  1. You do not have to know everything about your life’s purpose. The things revealed to you are yours for your obedience to God. The ones kept by God are for His sovereign operations. An angel did not have to tell Joseph and Mary to go down to Bethlehem from Nazareth as the Almighty who rules in the affairs of men will influence a political decision at that time to get them back to their nativity for the birth of Christ to be according to the necessary plan (the prophecy).
  2. Your life’s purpose is supra-locational. Though God specifies location in His plan, it doesn’t have to be the best of all locations. The King did not have to be born in Jerusalem or in Rome to rule the world in the long run; the great King would be born in the smallest town in Judea to rule all the people. The plan is greater than the place.
  3. Your life’s purpose is more than the beauty of your birth setting or of its initial setting. Most of those who have influenced in most fields, the world over, were neither born in the palace nor with the silver spoon. Though God makes all things beautiful in its time, He does not birth all things in the perfect beauty expected by men. Mary did not have to travel out to the most notable of places or hospices for the birth of the baby; the child that was born King did not have His Kingship signified with a crown on his head at birth. He was a typical baby, noticeable by those in Bethlehem by the unusual peasantness of his birth setting. The significant thing at the time of the birth was even secret; an angel announced the birth not in the royal palace in Jerusalem, but in the field to mere shepherds. The birth is only the beginning of the beauty to be manifested.

As we celebrate this season of His Advent, be encouraged that all things will work together; not necessarily for immediate gratification but for the ultimate good and the glory of God. His counsel for your life shall stand if you cooperate with His good plan of allowing Christ into your life, in spite of the immediate setting that is unsatisfying. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will perfect His plan in your life.

Merry Christmas to you.