Merry 2016 Christmas To You

Christmas comes but once a year
 We remember each time with a yeah
 The coming of God in the flesh
 One of us and like us He became
 To save us from our sins

He came and was named Jesus 
 Heaven was tired of sin’s ravage
 It’s effect on humanity put to checkmate
 To humanity salvation has come
 Peace and joy here on earth

This is my prayer this Christmas
 His coming shall not for you be 
 A knowledge only treasured
 But experience existential
 Peace and joy in your world

Heaven’s visitation yours shall be
 Salvation from the perils of the time
 Even from the dearth in the land
 In Goshen your repose shall be 
 While death ravages in the land

Let not your mouth this season be shut
 On the heights let there be a shout
 Salvation has come since His birth
 With him who believe in His advent
 Immanuel shall always be present

A merry Christmas and a Happy 2017 to you

With love,

Isaac & Theresa Boluwatise


There are things meant to be under your rule

Which you presently do not see there

As you journey into the month of AUGUST 

There shall be a distinct turnaround

That you will see Christ

In the place of those pending victories

And that He, as the Captain of your salvation

Will bruise under your feet shortly

The head of satan and his contending forces


Isaac Boluwatise

Happy New Year


Happy new year to you.
Congrats for making it into 2016.
The Lord shall fulfil your desire this year; He shall enlarge your coast and perfect all that concern you in Jesus name.

Tolu Boluwatise