Help is useful when responsibility is taken, for responsibility makes collaboration profitable.

If Jordan is the river you have not crossed before, crossing it then is a new experience; it is doing something new, something personally unprecedented; setting new target spiritually, materially, financially; stepping out of your current rut.

Nothing changes until you have decided to use change. You did not just get to the secondary school or to the university. You got to those places through a process of doing things differently and attempting new things. Even in salvation, while the provision has always been there, the change starts with you through your decision to believe in the Lord Jesus before heaven blesses you with its provision.

Help is useful when responsibility is taken, for responsibility makes collaboration profitable. Symbiosis is the way life goes; parasites are less desirable than hosts.

The blessing upon responsibility is collaboration. We can accomplish more of the corporate plan of God’s for us through cooperation with others. God sets everyone in communities for it is not good for Adam to be alone. He sets us in societies that we may live together in harmony and accomplish the His objectives for our corporate lives. He picks the solitary and sets them in families so as to break their bounds and release them into prosperity – Ps 68:6.

God’s plan for us is first for the group and then for the individuals. We all find our individualities and significance in the group. Together is the language of a group. The poor and rich come together, the lord is the maker of all – Pro 22:2. Through group experience we foster a balance that all may experience the good which God has in plan for our togetherness.

There is imbalance simply because of weaknesses of some. They are weak vis-a-vis the appropriation of God’s grace. Communal life sees to it that none falls short of God’s grace. The keyword in consideration here is ‘taking hold together with against’. Ecc 4:9-12 pointed to us the advantages of togetherness: Woe unto him that is alone; Two are better than one; A threefold cord is not easily broken. Geometric progression is enacted when forces are joined together under God – Lev 26:8; Deut 32: 30; Josh 23:10.

You are expected to join force with your significant others over their weaknesses with the strength, wisdom, abilities and encouragement that you have gained from God so as to prevail with them against their existent limitations. Practically speaking, everyone has an area of grace or testimony from the past with which he could help the other person.

The culture of God’s kingdom is cooperation, not a taking over of responsibility. If we usurp others’ responsibility, we would be promoting the culture of irresponsibility and laying foundation for implosion of fellowship and community. Kingdom help is via cooperation just as salvation happens through collaboration between heaven and earth. Even if our part of the salvation deal is very insignificant, we still had to believe to appropriate the provision. The one in need of help must willingly take up responsibility for help to be justified.

Let us all learn to be responsible and let those who are stronger and more advantaged be disposed to helping the weaker ones with the measure of grace which God has satisfied them with. By doing this we would all be able to enter into our corporate rest, the rest which remains for those who believe.


trend (2)


Come, and let us return to the Lord … After two days He will revive us; on the third day He will raise us up, that we may live in His sight. Hos 6:1-2

Death is necessary before revival, and revival before there can be the rising up to a new day

God told the children of Israel to make provisions for themselves as in three days they will cross over Jordan to go in to possess the land which the Lord was giving them to possess. The three days was literal in Josh 1:11 and figurative in Hos 6:1-2. Three days is a numerical value for change, completion or transition in the Bible.  Hosea particularly analysed the figurative three days of change as day one being for death; Day two for revival; Day three for rising or resurrection. The application of this helps us to engage the process to implement change in our lives.

The process starts with dying to what is. As long as the present situation is kept alive change cannot be produced. You die to what is when there is change in the mind or heart as a result of the realisation of what could or what should be. The realisation of what should be is also the admission of what needs to go. This realisation considers the implication of the status quo and the need to die to it, whether it is to self, situation or experience.

This death does not happen unless you call things exactly by their name. For instance, sin can no longer be seen as a weakness or as a mistake if it shall be forsaken. Sickness has to be called its name if the need for healing shall be embraced. The problem with the familiar must be seen clearly before the change out of it can be embraced. This is where the breaking of the camp or of the trend happens. The breaking of the camp is not the actual transition; it is the process towards it.

The process continues with being revived. Revival is the reaching out or response to what should be. The process of waking up starts from the state of sleep or death. In the coming resurrection (Jn5:25), the dead shall hear the voice of the son of God for resurrection to happen. You cannot just realise what should be and die to what is for nothing; the experience of dying to what is must lead you to the practical embrace of what should be. This embrace is your revival or the engagement of the new phase.

The process of change culminates with being raised up, an action/experience which is a collaboration between God and man. This is where the change happens, whether it is a change of state, of place or of experience. If the process of change is on, the things you do must change. You cannot keep the process at the point of reaching out forever, unless you want the future to be hanging in a balance. It is only when you take the step ‘to go in’ that you see the involvement of the Lord with you in ‘giving you the land to possess.

What you will do on the third day is to take the step of faith to go in. This is what will birth a new nation. The nation which died in Egypt is about to have its new identity, no longer as nomads but, as a nation that shall be settled in its own God-given land.

Are you ready to cross over your Jordan? It is time for a mental overhaul; it is time to put of the old and to embrace the new; a time to apprehend the things which are ahead; a time to respond to the mark of your upward calling in Christ. Old things are passing away; new things are appearing.

Remember that change is only birthed when a problem is discovered or defined; it is birthed when a solution is discovered and responded to; and birthed when the right step is taken towards it. Death is necessary before there can be revival, and revival before we can rise up to a new day or experience a resurrection to a new span.